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Friday, 13 September 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

Summarizing the discussion so far we have seen how Satan is dead against the institution of marriage because he knows that if a person is committing himself to someone through marriage then he is not only legalizing his relation with that person but he is also abiding by the Islamic code of life. Through marriage sexual relation between a man and a woman will also become legalized and it will not be considered to be a sin, as it happens in case of fornication. The offspring born through marriage will also be legal. In such a case Satan will lose the opportunity of making people indulge in pre-marital illicit relations.
Satan cannot stop people from getting married directly, as such. However, there are many amongst us who have surrendered before him and have become his followers instead of Allah (swt). Such people behave as Satan’s agents in this world and Satan can easily exploit them to carry out his evil agenda. How many times have we witnessed cases where a girl and a boy are on the verge of getting married but some unpleasantness takes place at the eleventh hour and the marriage gets disrupted? Well, this happens commonly. There are also cases where we notice that just before a marriage takes place, some troublemakers try to instigate both the families against each other. This leads to a lot of bitterness, misunderstandings and tensions on both the sides. However, if the marriage has been decreed by Allah (swt) then it will take place notwithstanding all the mischief. When two people and their respective families have readily agreed upon the marriage then who are those people who try to create dissent between them in a bid to foil the pending marriage? Definitely they are the companions of Satan through whom Satan makes desperate attempts to stop the marriage from getting solemnized. Such people go about spreading rumors about the boy or the girl who is about to get married. Such false propaganda leads to a lot of tension and unpleasantness between the two families.
Sometimes, Satan exploits his companions in a more unscrupulous way to attack the marriage. If merely instigating both the parties is not enough to prevent the marriage from getting solemnized, Satan incites his companions to use the dagger of black magic to rip apart the marriage. The unsuspecting families will hardly realize that how did their erstwhile good relations get ruined all of a sudden. This is because for those amongst us who do not understand the evil traits and the cunning policies of Satan, black magic works like a silent pistol. It may come to light only when the harm has already been done.
If the boy and the girl who are about to tie the knot or their respective families  for that matter get any inkling of foul play from a third party then they should realize at once that Satan is all set to foil their marriage plans. They should not believe in any rumors about their prospective spouse or his or her family. 
Satan can also try to use his weapon of evil whisperings into the ears through which he tries to sow the seeds of doubts in the minds of people. It is up to those people whether they get mislead by Satan or whether they ignore his whispers.
Sometimes when the situation gets out of control and the devil is on the prowl to prevent the marriage with his total force, consulting a spiritual healer would be beneficial.
Merely ignoring Satanic whispers is very much in our hands. However, if we are being attacked with black magic in delicate matters such as marriage then dealing with the situation without professional help would be next to impossible.      

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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