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Friday, 13 September 2013

Domestic violence

Assalam oalaikum,

The subject of domestic violence is universal. In order to abate domestic violence Saudi Arabia has recently passed a landmark judgment, named the anti-abuse bill. Several other countries have also framed laws which aim at protecting women from abuse. However, we have noticed that despite all these initiatives the malady of domestic violence seems to be on the rise.
So what could be the reason due to which domestic violence seems to have snowballed over the recent years? Could it be alcoholism, poverty, drug abuse, stress, frustration, an urge to dominate, cultural factors or something else?

In a lot of cases men batter their wives in an inebriated state. So it would be reasonable to link domestic violence with alcoholism. However, according to statistics not all the cases of wife beating take place under the influence of alcohol. So there can be other reasons also behind this crime.

In order to find the solution to this problem we will have to analyze this topic in the light of Islam so that we can find the root of the problem.
Islam does not glorify wife beating at all and if a man beats his wife under the influence of Satan then it means that he is violating her rights as a wife and spoiling his Akhraah.
Apparently, lack of awareness about the rights of a husband and a wife in Islam, misconstruing the meaning of certain Quranic verses and lastly, obeying Satan and raising one’s hand on one’s wife are the main causes behind the disgusting act of wife battering. 

Narrated Abdullah bin Zam’a: The Prophet (pbuh) said, ‘None of you should flog his wife as he flogs a slave and then have sexual intercourse with her in the last pasrt of th day”.( Bukhari: vol-7, Book 62, no.132)
The most perfect of believers in faith are those who are finest towards the finest in manners and gentle towards their wives”. (Hadith)

So a man who beats his wife on the slightest pretext is the one who is not a perfect believer. Obviously, marriage and faith are inter-twined in Islam. Only a person who has a strong faith and who fears Allah will not indulge in evil practices such as wife battering.

I am mentioning some remedies through which a woman can protect herself from the cruelty of her husband.

Read Ya Wadudo 1000 times and blow it over a dessert. Then offer two rakat Nafil Namaz and pray to Allah for success. Then offer the dessert to your husband. Inshallah your husband will become gentle towards you.
Read Ya Saboor either in the middle of the night or in the afternoon 1101 times. This amal should be continued till a week. Inshallah within this period your husband will develop a soft corner for his wife.

In some rare cases the domestic violence problem becomes quite complicated wherein the women do not get enough time, privacy or peace of mind. Under such unfortunate circumstances they may find it difficult to perform even the simple amals which I mentioned above due to their ordeal. If this is happening with a woman then instead of tackling the situation alone they should seek the help of a spiritual healer to do the needful.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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Anonymous said...

Salam O alekum
amel sahib, main nay apni biwi kay upper aik baar haath uthaya aur thappar raseed kiya tha jabh woh nihayat hi bad tameezi aur gali ki zaban use kar rahi thi us kay baad main nay kabhi bhi us ko nahi mara.
Taqreeban 11 saal baad jabh us ki maan ka inteqaal hua to woh achanak tabdeel ho gai do haftay main aur merey upper ilzaam lagany shuru kar diyaay aur mujh say aik dum intahayee darjay ki nafrat karnay lagi. Background bata chalon kay us kay bhai aur uskay baap aik baba jee ko mantay hain aur un baba jee ki baatain mujhay intehayee ghair sharee lagta hain. pata chala tha kay un baba jee ka hi hukum tha beti apnay shohar ko chor do woh to kafir hai aur sir ta paa gunah main para hua hai. main jabh ahele sunat wal jamat masjid main qafla laga kay wapis ghar aya to mujhay sunay ko mila kay main to 20-22 larkiyon kay saath bura kaam karnay gaya tha. astaghfirallah... Al aman alHafeez...
khair case chalaya mujhay jail karany ki koshish ki aur phir bachon ko lay kay chali gai aur abhi taqreeban 3 saal guzarnay kay baad koi rabta nahi hai aur na hi mujhay pata hai kay woh aur bachay kahan hain? ghar pay baap say rabtay karnay pay bohat hi ghaleez aur gandi galiyan suni parin aur bhai say rabta karnay pay tasalee aur phir koi bhi pesh rafat nahi aur tasalee bhi jhooti thi.
amel sahib aap kuch bataiayay kay is ka kiya hal ho sakta hai?

Walekum salam Wa rahamat ullah.